BuzzBar 2g Disposable

BuzzBar 2gram Disposable are easy-to-use and it is ready to vape straight out of the box. The purest form of cannabis on the planet. BuzzBar Liquid Diamonds Disposables are a best transitional product when moving from smoking to vaping, anyway, we do advise upgrading to a more sustainable device. The be$os liquid diamonds device is designed with easy vaping in mind. Featuring SATIVA, INDICA and HYBRID real THC and natural terpenes besos liquid diamonds carries a THC content range of THC 89.90% percent Total Cannabinoids 90.44%, CBD 0.18%. Sporting an extremely classic the strains bodily effect are generally explained as narcotic. The effects set in heavily, numbing the full body. Still is not without cerebral effects as it has a light mood elevating effects that can be extremely relaxing.

BuzzBar 2g Liquid Diamonds 

BuzzBar 2g Liquid Diamonds Disposable are created when live resin is extracted from fresh frozen flower. We liquidated these little crystal gems of terp bathed THC and put them in a pen Every puff is like a little dab of pure THC, Made with great care in Southern California

BuzzBar 2g Live Diamonds

BuzzBar 2g Live Diamonds Disposable a most luxurious cannabis experience fresh frozen flower is extracted to maintain a true terpene infused resin, rich and full of flavor and cannabinoids. We hope you enjoy our finest blends, and that they get you fully spaced.

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